Who Are We?

Saçan Marble, which gives life to natural stone with our expert staff and understanding of quality products, was established in 1998 in Afyon, the natural stone center of Turkey.

Saçan Marble, which has been operating in various fields in the sector for many years, has started to operate in the split face stone sector since 2014. At the end of many years, Saçan Marble, which has specialized in the split face stone sector, has now become the leading company of the sector. At the end of 2021, Saçan Marble moved to its new factory and increased its production capacity to 13000 sqm per month.

Saçan Marble continues to produce high quality and various split face stones day by day by using the stones brought from all over Turkey, taking into account the need for split face stones in Turkey and in the world.

With its wide product range, world-class quality, sustainable production success and advanced technology, Saçan Marble carries out standard and customer-specific production.

Saçan Marble, which produces split face stones with and without net, exports to many different countries of the world such as Czech Republic, France, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ghana, USA, Nigeria, Israel, North Africa, Germany, apart from Turkey.

Our Purpose and Goal

Having put the principle of “ethics” in the company’s focus since its establishment, Saçan Marble aims at the best from the beginning of production to the satisfaction it will receive from the buyer. The vision of Saçan Marble, which carries out all its working processes in line with this vision, is to provide customer satisfaction and to make its employees happy.

Being the pioneer of advanced and modern technology in the natural stone sector, Saçan Marble aims to invest not only in the present, but also in the future with happy people, by protecting our most precious asset, nature.

Saçan Marble aims to develop it by blending the understanding of quality and customer satisfaction and transfer it to future generations.

Our Quality Policy

Being aware that the best investment comes with ‘people’ and quality comes with people, Saçan Marble carries out its works in this direction. Saçan Marble does not compromise on the quality of its products, thanks to the controls it has made at every stage of production.

Keeping its service quality at the highest level in the marketing and sales processes, Saçan Marble has shown its success in customer satisfaction and has increased its profitability over the years.

Saçan Marble perceives quality as a process that shows continuous development and continuity, rather than a goal to be achieved. In this direction, it works to improve and develop all business processes that affect human and product quality.